Product strategy


Slogan : "We can do barbie" and "we can do anything RIGHT BARBIE?"
Product strategy- just as mentioned earlier the products include research and development, packaging and labelling. The Brats doll was able to capture the attention girls particularly between the ages of 9 to 11 because of its popular dressing, the dolls have different characters to choose from and each doll projects a different image. In addition, the designs of the product which are the accessories and dresses are more up-to-date and funkier therefore little girls prefer having Brats dolls. Moreover, more girls prefer Brats dolls because of the different characteristics and images, unlike Barbie who only has one look. In order to address the changing needs of girls Barbie released Diva Stars and Lavas, however both products have unfavourable outcomes.The survey clearly shows that Brats is the favourite of girls. Barbie dolls must have funkier clothes and accessories in order to attract more kids. In addition, Mattel must develop new characters, the company have already created Ken and Kelly, therefore an addition to the dolls would be a good idea since more girls nowadays prefer a more diverse choice of dolls to choose from and not just one character.
Marketing Strategy of Barbie Dolls
         Barbie doll is the most famous doll in the world for over forty years. Little girls have grown up playing Barbie dolls and have even pass the love of Barbie dolls to their children. Almost every girl in this world have touched or played a Barbie doll at some point in their lives. Barbie is a famous brand from the United States which was launched on the year 1959. Barbie was created by Ruth and Elliot Handler the persons behind Mattel Toys, the idea behind Barbie came from their daughter Barbara, upon seeing their daughter play with paper dolls the couple have comprehended completely the idea that creating a 3D doll that represents a woman would be a good toy (, 2007).
The objectives of the marketing strategy are:
  • To identify the appropriate marketing strategy for different age groups.
  • To develop new products that will suit the needs of the consumers.
  • To ensure that the Barbie products will be ahead in terms of market share and sales all over the world.
The packaging  also affects the sales of the products, even though Barbie is already an established brand, the packaging of Brats dolls is more attractive compare to the Barbie dolls, and therefore kids will most likely choose it.
positioning : Fresh and LovelyTarget group : The Brats doll was able to capture the attention girls particularly between the ages of 9 to 11 because of its popular dressing, the dolls have different characters to choose from and each doll projects a different image.
Product line :     - Barbie dolls



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